Terry CapuanoPrecision Polymer Casting was originally started in 1994 by Terry Capuano, PE, who started the solid cast epoxy machine base casting industry in the US in 1988. He developed the polymer casting technology, production techniques, resin systems and aggregate blends used industry-wide today.

PPC’s philosophy is to expand the industry conversion to epoxy polymer castings by developing innovative production techniques to keep the costs low, provided unique castings to extremely close tolerances and by providing in-house, dedicated customer representatives.

PPC Plant in Perry, OhioIn 2000, Mr. Capuano sold PPC to ITW. After the sale, customers needs were not as well observed and pricing was increased significantly, causing problems for customers.

In 2009, Terry joined with Chris Gabrielson, who also Started in Polymer casting in 1988, to restart PPC to better serve customers. They developed the latest generation epoxy casting technology called CASTINITE.

Now the two most experienced people in this industry are ready to serve your needs. We are open to casting products for machine tools, chemical pump bases, chip equipment, medical equipment, highway construction, railroad ties, synthetic granite statues and whatever makes sense.

PPC can achieve extremely close tolerances by casting to tolerance in high precision tooling, replicating surfaces or grouting components into position.

Chris can design and build low cost temporary tooling for a fraction of the cost of others and have it repeatedly produce good castings for years. Some of his molds have produced parts to amazing tolerances.

We also produce ALIGNIT epoxy-based grouts for replicating precise surfaces, grouting components in place, creating low friction way surfaces and setting machine foundations and pump bases.

No one is more dedicated to meeting customer’s needs and holding costs.

Contact us today and let us help you save money and improve your machine's performance.